Embracing the Madness -or- No Tickets? No Problem

Ever catch yourself before you make a mistake? The way you bring your hand up to your chest or head and say “Wow, I’m glad we didn’t do that, what a mess that could have been!”

Every year we almost go downtown to one of our favorite restaurants- The Fish Market or Dublin Square, for example, during the second or third weekend of July. Almost. We always smack our foreheads and realize that we have narrowly avoided the utter chaos of Comic Con.

This year, however, we finally braved… The Con.

Saturday we trollyed on down to the Seaport Village stop and for the first time, walked around to see the outstanding activities going on for the official pass-less masses.

What a hoot! Be warned: this is NOT an event for the claustrophobic…

Like “Outlander?” Here’s a hoard of Scots and such, hired by Starz Network to make a lot of noise for the series-

IMG_7378IMG_7381Here’s a couple of views of the waterfront and hotels near the San Diego Convention Center. People are lined up to get into the Hall H panels for  Sunday already, there is some big dance party going on aboard a yacht, more cosplayers than you can shake a light saber at, and a plethora of goofiness to see all the way to Seaport Village.

IMG_7387IMG_7386This El Cajon cosplayer won. Hands down, she and her husband made the best costume I saw. She rocked her Steam Punk tricked-out mobility device, don’t you think?

Lots of other cool sights to see-

These guys were a bit pumped up...
These guys were a bit pumped up… Starz hired a bunch of fun, rowdy guys to promote Outlander

This is a pretty cool shirt associated with Stephen Amell’s (of “Arrow” fame on CW) Sinceriously fundraiser. We saw a lot of these shirts. Click on the picture to be linked to information about “Stand for the Silent” and “Paws and Stripes.” Anti-bullying messages and pets for the troops are the main focus there.


Fashionable lady supporting  Arrow's Stephen Amell's fundraisers
Fashionable lady supporting Arrow’s Stephen Amell’s fundraisers

I’m totally bummed that I didn’t get in to see the Lego Dimensions exhibit. Check out the video- The Doctor in the Delorean and Darth Vader- how fun! But we did get to see the premier of the Doctor Who Lego Dimensions trailer on Thursday in Hall H.

Sunday is Family Day down by the Convention Center. Get down there for what I’m told is the best of the best costumes worn by the tens of thousands of fanboys and fangirls. Take the trolly for the easiest commute!

Comic Con International 2015- Hall H Fantastic-ness and Cosplay Craziness!


What can I say?

I’m glad that the teens I knew and the Comic Con line sitters that I met on Wednesday talked me into staying in line to receive my Hall H wristband. Everyone said that we should experience the fun of the biggest convention lecture hall to see the panels, that it is a great Comic Con experience… They were right!

We stayed until after 10:30 Wednesday night to assure that we received our Toucan Wristbands, rode the trolly back to our car, slept for a couple hours at home, then woke up at 4:30 Thursday morning to rejoin our friends in line who slept outside the convention center… line holders are a special breed of people!

The big reason why we went through all this malarky was to see the head writer and actors of our favorite show, “Doctor Who.”

But first…

We finally got to enter the Hall H and find seats IN THE FRONT ROW, and a full thirty minutes later hundreds of people were still being ushered in. Over 6,500 seats were filled. One thing that really surprised me was how the convention center and security personnel cheered all of us on as we marched in to find seats. All of the sleepy people who, some having sat out for TWO NIGHTS, were really feeling the love.

The first panel was a surprise visit from Mitch Glazer and Bill Murray, promoting their new movie “Rock the Casbah.” Also starring Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel, the preview looked great and we are planning on seeing it.

From IMDB. Jennifer Lawrence likes Bill Murray
Jennifer Lawrence likes Bill Murray (photo links to and is from IMDB’s “Rock the Casbah” page)
We really did sit in the front row... I could have tripped Bill Murray.
We really did sit in the front row… I could have tripped Bill Murray.

Next up was the Mockingjay Part 2 panel…

Want to see a really great video of this? Click on this link to Flicks and the City’s You Tube video. But, here are my photos:

Conan O’Brien and Mockingjay Part 2 cast and crew! Comic Con 2015
Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth giving Josh Hutcherson love.

Seriously, click on the You Tube link above to watch this whole panel discussion.

Finally, we got to the panel that we had been waiting for, the Doctor Who season nine cast and one of the world’s most loved/hated writers, Steven Moffet!

Nerdist.com‘s  Chris Hardwick was a great moderator, and we loved hearing from Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffet.

Chris Hardwick, our mod for the panel...
Chris Hardwick, our mod for the panel…
Steven Moffet, undoubtedly coming up with an evil plot using Michelle Gomez as Missy, aka The Master.
Steven Moffet, undoubtedly coming up with an evil plot using Michelle Gomez as Missy, aka The Master.

One of the day’s best answers to a question came from Michelle Gomez and Chris Hardwick. In response to what advice they had for an aspiring actor, Gomez urged to never give up, since someone else will be right behind you, eagerly willing to take your place, with Hardwick emphasizing that if you can’t make it via the conventional route, one should self produce one’s own material and get it out on the internet. We have far too much technology and exposure opportunities nowadays to excuse anyone from just doing it.

It was fun yet frustrating to hear the cast asked questions; they would look at Moffet before answering… then… not answer since it would lead to spoilers. It was like watching kids check with their papa. One thing we do know, Missy will be back reprising her roll as the regenerated Master. Aiieeee! Can’t wait until September 19th for season 19’s premier!!

Peter Capaldi, the self professed major Doctor Who geek, answering  an audience question.
Peter Capaldi, the self professed major Doctor Who geek, answering an audience question.

We are very glad to have won tickets for today and have a friend who shared and extra pass. What. A. Blast. To put this into perspective, as much as I geek-out over a show or book, I am very lukewarm on the whole Cult of Celebrity thing. I still had fun!

Agent Carter and a Doctor #11 (or #12- that should start a great discussion!)
Agent Carter and a Doctor #11 (or #12- that should start a great discussion!)
A Spiderdude
A Spiderdude
a probably very cold Spartan
a probably very cold Spartan
The family that cosplays together...  from the latest Mad Max universe
The family that cosplays together… from the latest Mad Max universe