How NBC’s Today Show and a YouTube Channel Sparked an Hour of Debate

Friday morning I had NBC’s Today Show playing in the background as I worked. A short feature caught my attention enough to not only hit the rewind, but also to prompt a later discussion with The Husband running the gamut from commercialization, privacy, preschoolers’ TV/Video consumption, unexpected celebrity, to responsibility with windfall fortunes… the list went on. And this was BEFORE either of us actually watched even one of the You Tube videos in question. Let me preface that we were discussing concepts, and NOT passing judgement on ANYONE. I can’t stress that enough. I took the roll of the Devil’s Advocate, because I wanted to see how far apart opinions could be stretched on this subject.

Here’s the actual You Tube Channel Hulyan Maya:

The channel up for discussion is “ILoveMayThing’s” Hulyan Maya, which is simply the family’s videos of their children playing with toys. This could be anyone’s videos of their family on You Tube, shared so the far flung friends and family can see each other.

NBC Today video and story via Pinterest
NBC Today video and story via Pinterest

Everything must have changed for this family when the videos, mostly of their children playing with toys, became hugely popular with children- to the tune of millions of hit per day. Enter toy companies paying to have their commercials shown before these videos, they’d be foolish to ignore this golden opportunity to advertise so directly to their targeted audience. The family seems to have made wise decisions as to handle their unexpected fortune.

Photo from NBC Today, links to the video under discussion
Photo from NBC Today, links to the video under discussion

Our society has long had the Armchair Athlete. Spectator sports bring an enormous amount of joy undoubtedly to billions of people. Here is what most caught my attention- It was a eight second clip that I could’t get over from 2:07 through 2:15 Seeing the kids sitting mesmerized, watching a Hulyan Maya You Tube video on a tablet makes me want to champion less screen time for young children. I would do that differently in my own family if I could go back in time. I know, I know, these little ones could have just come in from running around outside in the fresh air, or reading with a loving caretaker or parent, but in these eight seconds they are just staring and watching other kids play. On a tablet.

Remember, this, coming from me, the woman who raised her daughter on a steady diet of Blues Clues… I’m truly The Pot Calling the Kettle Black, here.

I asked The Husband one last question- Would you do the same today, if you were just starting out with your family in this digital age- would you take this opportunity to have financial freedom in this manner? His reply was that he didn’t know… he just couldn’t say.

Coffee for Bill

The Husband has a group of friends that buy each other coffee a couple of times each week. At least. It takes all their strength and willpower to stick to only a couple visits per week at this favorite coffee shop. Honestly, we wonder what they put in the coffee as it is ridiculously good.

Zumbar has arrived...
Zumbar has arrived…

Every time I come up the stairs to his office I chat a bit with Bill, the security officer, and think, “This guy needs a coffee!”

Croissants lined up in the case at Zumbar in  the  Sorrento Valley area of San Diego
Croissants lined up in the case at Zumbar in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego

I brought the Coffee Club their Americanos today, and brought one to Bill, too. I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of years, at least. Can I take a second to reiterate how glad I am that I picked up this project for the year? I am making myself remember to do little things for, and say thanks to the many people in my community that do so much for everyone and my family.

Thanks, Bill!

The oldest New Year’s story of all

Perspective, faith in humanity, forgiveness, overcoming setbacks… if you need a shot of any of these, here it is:

Cycling in the South Bay

When I saw my friend lying on the pavement, unmoving, and a massive smash in the side of the SUV that had just hit him, I went into a kind of shock. It wasn’t the shock of inaction, it was the shock of unconscious action. We got the distraught driver out of the roadway, hovered over Michael until the EMS arrived, and directed traffic so that one disaster didn’t become two.

As it happened, the terrible physical injuries that my friend sustained were only part of the problem. As he lay on the pavement wondering whether he would live or die, the recurrent thought that ripped to the surface of his consciousness was, oddly, this: “I’ve got to quit my job.”

The accident happened five years ago. We had been in the saddle all day, and on the final climb up Old Topanga from Seven-Minute, Michael had ridden away from the…

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