Look at that Niche- That is a Nice Niche.

This is an actual profile photo on Eddie Murphy's Facebook page! I'm not kidding- follow this link:  https://www.facebook.com/EddieMurphy/photos/a.154069074666916.39917.153822731358217/788316451242172/
This is an actual profile photo on Eddie Murphy’s Facebook page! Seriously, click to link!

Donkey gets the credit for this posting’s title, ha. When I had finished putting some of our collections in the entry way niche, I really did say “Look at that niche, that’s a nice niche!” and I swear, I heard it in Donkey’s voice. I digress… (clears throat).

I have a few random house projects that I have been meaning to get around to

Is this a summer To Do list? Or is this just wishful thinking?
Is this a To Do list? Or just wishful thinking?
  • paint under counter
  • do something with the empty niche above the front door
  • repaint stair risers
  • get son’s collections into manageable storage boxes
  • put all photos into a storage box, not mixed with other mementos
  • sort out and give away extra fall/autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations
  • kids’ (now teens!) grade school holiday art separated from holiday storage boxes

Today I finally did something with a space over my front door. This niche has sat naked for more than five years. As I have passed by it multiple times, every day, I wonder what the heck to do with it? I don’t like random tchochkies too much, so the décor du jour doesn’t interest me.

It took awhile but I finally gathered together items from our travels into a small collection to put into this awkward niche above my front door. Rocks from beach trips, conch shells from the great-grandparents’ world travels, pine cones The Boy has collected… only the tall sticks came from the craft store. So I cheated.

But, here it is, TA DAAAA:

Still needs something more in the front...
Still needs something more in the front…