A Hoppy Beer that I Did Not Hate!

This is a Russian River Pliny the Elder. A double IPA. The Husband’s drink, not mine.

I’ve been told on numerous occasions that this is one of the finest beers ever crafted.

As usual, I asked for a taste, knowing full well that I would not like it. I never like his beer.

As usual, I enjoyed the smell of an IPA- but, if it is so great, why can’t it taste as nice as it smells?

And finally, for once, an IPA- this particular IPA- wasn’t bad at all! I really liked it, for the first time ever.

The well-known and most beloved aspects of hoppiness came through with grapefruit and floral flavors meeting right there on your tongue, just as your nose promised. Just as all you hop-heads have been raving about.

I guess I only like The Best of The Best!