Road Trip- The Theatre Company, Upland California

Three moms met at the High School, loaded a couple hundred costumes into their SUVs, then blew out of San Diego for the 100+ mile trek to Upland. A couple hours later, they were unloading, chatting as they worked quickly. Speeding through the costumes, maternal instincts motivated these women, for they all had either children participating in holy services at school or children home from college. Nothing gets done more quickly than tasks done by moms with the desire to see their kids, no matter how old these children are. Before completing the “dump and run” return, they learned that one of the owners has been “involved in theater for about 429 years and could make a set out of toothpaste.” Believe it! The Theatre Company was a great place to work with for organizations on a tight budget.

A regular and an owner? Details to be filled in soon...
A regular and an owner? Details to be filled in soon…
Phew! All done!
Phew! All done!

The Theatre Company in Upland, California was a long drive for the three of us, but it felt good to lend a hand and spread the workload between many helpers. At least one of the moms had made this trip a couple times already. Great programs need the participation of a lot of energetic families, and I am thankful to be part of a big, uplifting, caring drama family. The two women I helped today are two of several that I wish I had taken the time to get to know better. They are worth their weight in gold and are two of many reason why I love this high school.

It has been a pleasure, ladies!

A Different Look…

I did something unexpected- I bought a completely different style and color in clothing than I would normally pick out for myself. I’m not too crazy about getting new clothes or shopping in general, but the Shopping Stars were all in alignment: everything I wanted was on sale, the sizes were all just right, everything even matched and actually looked cute! This never happens for me. Surprised and delighted, I bought them and headed home with a couple of lovely skirts and tops quite different from what I already own.

Have you ever stuck with the same style of clothing, year in and year out?. Maybe kept the same haircut for five, ten years or even more? I have. Boy, I remember one year when on a whim, I found a new hair stylist and gave her the go ahead to give me a whole new do-  EVERYONE noticed. I felt like a million bucks! I had never done anything like it before, but ultimately was completely happy that I took the risk.

There’s a lot to be said in defense of our comfortable routines-  life is easier when we know we like, when we know how to plan ahead to purchase on seasonal sales, or to stock up on our family’s favorite items. Even knowing the quickest route to the usual shopping center makes a big difference when we have work to attend to. Routines are good. But… sometimes we all need a little change to the usual look. Or food, or pastimes. Or (fill in your own challenge in this spot).

A little shake-up is good for the mind and the soul.

Midweek Fun- Johnny Cardinale at Mad House Comedy Club

I went to a new place tonight, just for a laugh (Ha, get it? Comedy club? Just for a laugh? I crack myself up). The last time I went to a comedy club was when we lived in the Midwest, and before that was more than 20 years ago when I took a roommate to a show at The Groundlings in L.A.

It’s been awhile! We got to The Mad House Comedy Club in San Diego’s Horton Plaza in time for a late dinner, and for The Husband to say hi to an old friend… he went to school with the headliner back in the day. The entertainment was fab- man, I wish I were that witty! If Johnny is playing in your area, go catch him. His take on pop music chords really shows off his overall talent and comic ability. If you can judge a comic’s ability by how hoarse their audience is at the end of the set, well then, my voice was shot by the time we got back to the car. Lots o’ laughs.

T’was a ball, highly recommend the venue and the comic- Johnny Cardinale is a great and funny guy!
Funny guy Johnny Cardinale has appeared on Chelsea Lately, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Game Show Network and TV Guide Channel. Click his pic to get to his official website, the place from which I swiped this photo…
Mad House Comedy in San Diego’s Horton Plaza

Broken Dishwasher and Delayed Genius Moment

This may be the only new thing I get around to today, but I had a stroke of genius about dealing with the family’s glassware issues. Wooden clothes pins clipped to the glasses sitting on the counter. I can just hear Wile E. Coyote’s voice in my head whispering “Genius, sheer genius!” Then I think that it is pretty sad how it took me TWO WEEKS to come up with this idea, and Wile E. quiets down. The dishwasher has been out of commission for more than two weeks. I don’t recommend a Samsung. Now, I’m thankful for the family; I’m grateful for the dirty dishes indicating our ability to feed the family; I’m blessed to have both my parents and both in-laws as part of our life… I just wish we could keep track of whose glass belongs to whom! Last weekend saw my parents here, next weekend we have them and the mom-in-law, the following weekend will be the in-laws. Let’s just say we are thirsty people around here (checks the tequila supply and wonders if we need more Cabernets, too)

I think I’m gonna break out the red solo cups…

But, I digress. It is Teacher Appreciation Day tomorrow and I have a couple dozen Cinnabon Knock-Offs to bake- here’s last year’s photo of my table:

Teacher Appreciation Day- The Aftermath...
Teacher Appreciation Day-
The Aftermath…

Want the recipe? I bought the book “Top Secret Recipes” by Todd Wilbur, it is in there, and all over the intertoobz:

I think you have to purchase this recipe; it will set you back a whopping 79 cents…

Wile E. says “Now go do something smart!”