Random Goofiness

Is It Curtains for My Parents’ GROOVY Wallpaper???

My parents have been doing a lot of remodeling, so I thought I’d feature one of their projects tonight. Because really- look at this awesome wallpaper. I said they should keep it, but instead of listening to me, I got told what I could do with my opinion…

I lobbied hard for this wallpaper to be saved because just THINK HOW DELIGHTED SOMEONE will be to purchase a home with vintage 1978 foil wallpaper when they finally sell this home eventually! Notice Mom modeling the best of two centuries-  iPhone in hand, vintage 1970’s wallpaper behind her.

This stuff is too groovy to retire, don’t get rid of it! People love vintage accessories in vintage homes!

*****Six Months Later*****

And here’s the finished room… notice how some of the wallpaper is still in the hallway:

TA DAH!!!!! Looking good, ‘rents!

Powder Room? More like Power Room!
But don’t worry, there’s still the bathroom! I’m sure it’s days are numbered, though…

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