What to be Thankful for- Parents of Collegians Edition

from Peanuts.com
from Peanuts.com

It has been about six weeks since The Husband and I moved our child into her dorm room, the first place she has ever lived outside of her family’s circle of love, protection, and comfort. We have been left to consider the following:

  • The Roommate is great, right down to her family that we met
  • the school’s coffee was more than drinkable. It was downright good
  • all girl dorm, woo-hoo!
  • we got out of town with under $1K spent on books and dorm supplies
  • the Jesuits, as they reassured all the parents, have been educating for close to 500 years
  • scholarships rock… even partial ones
  • the school’s coffee is pretty good!
  • when your independent child hugs you like she will miss you
  • five days after you leave, your independent kid really does miss you
  • you know she misses you, because she texts you that she misses you
  • And the best, two weeks later… when she finally calls home.

I wonder if the cafeteria was serving good coffee because the parents were all moving in their collegians?

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