Captain Stout- Green Flash Helps Bring Alpine Brewery Down the Hill

Captain Stout by Alpine Beer Company
Captain Stout by Alpine Beer Company

Green Flash Brewing Company‘s collaboration with Alpine Beer Company put a big smile on The Husband’s mug. Now he doesn’t have to drive up to Alpine to enjoy what he identifies as his overall favorite San Diego brewery. High praise from a guy who loves his San Diego style IPAs.

I’m still on my quest to find beers that I like, still amazed by the fact that I do like beer… it’s just the hops that I never cared for. So on my inaugural visit to Green Flash in Sorrento Valley, we found Captain Stout and I’m here to say that I loved it!

IMG_7865I also love that I can get small pours instead of half pints. I’m small, a lightweight, and am quite obnoxious sober… no need to add much alcohol. Really.

After a mighty busy couple of weeks of people moving and school craziness, I’m back on my blog, yea! I really did do something new every day, even when moving The Girl into her dorm room out of state- If you don’t think that counts as new enough, just know that I’m still not quite ready to talk about it very much. It is a powerful phase to transition into, I gotta say. Blogging about committing to try new experiences daily was one of the smartest things I have done recently.

As for Green Flash, I’m looking forward to touring the brewery soon.


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