15 Calories, No Sugar, AND it STILL Tastes Great… Spindrift Fruit Seltzers

Spindrift Seltzer, Grapefruit Flavor
Spindrift Seltzer, Grapefruit Flavor
Seltzer water and Grapefuit… that’s about it, 15 calories!

Soda just too sweet for you today? Your turn to be the designated driver? Stomach can’t deal with the acidity of a lemonade and are you tired of iced tea? I just found another option: Spindrift’s Seltzer with Fruit Juice.

I have never seen this brand before, and was scanning the beverage aisle at Trader Joe’s to see if there was anything new to me… voilà, found this stuff. I have no idea if Spindrift is a regular product on the shelves here, but I hope it stays. It is so light in taste without the heavy sweetness of regular soda.

I loved it- it’s new to me and gets a coveted spot on my garage’s soda shelf, right next to the Coke in the glass bottle.

Spindrift Grapefruit Flavored Seltzer
Spindrift Grapefruit Flavored Seltzer

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