Comedy Outing with Your Teen- Big Laugh or Big Mistake…

It was a hit, whew!

A couple months ago, I took The Boy to an R rated movie that I thought would be all right… That was kind of not a smart thing to do.

Clearly, I have not learned my lesson- we took The Girl to see a bunch of comedians downtown since the headliner is a friend of The Husband. This is a first for us… The Mad House Comedy Club downtown in Horton Plaza is an 18 and up and some of the comedy can be pretty crass and off-colored.

What saved us was missing a few of the acts since one of us forgot her ID and we had to drive all the heck the way back home to get it (insert epic eye roll and long suffering parental sigh here). We missed a couple of the more outrageously raunchy acts this way. Am I a good parent, or what?!?

Fortunately, Johnny Cardinale does a show that isn’t cringe-worthy at all for a parent to see with their (college-aged) kid. The music set he does complete with guitar is fabulous and particularly why we wanted The Girl to see his act.

Thanks for a another great evening, Johnny!

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