Uplifting Stuff and a BIG HALFTIME SHOW! Starring Pharrell, Bruno, and more!

It’s Halftime at Branching Out On a Limb, and we spare no cost to bring you fine entertainment! We’ve put together this Hit List O’ Happiness to celebrate how much fun we have coming up with the daily doses of newness. Uplifting Entertainment for the blogsphere… Really lifting-  Do you even lift, bro? We here at Branching Out recommend doing as many reps of these kind of lifts each and every day.

Even smartypants think you should lift.
Even smartypants think you should lift.
Dost thou? DOST THOU?!?
Dost thou?
Jean Luc Picard... because I said so. It's my blog.
Jean Luc Picard… because I said so. It’s my blog.

Guard your state of mind, everyone. Surround yourselves with people who will lift you up to heaven, while you reciprocate. Remember the old adage “Garbage in, garbage out….” and ask yourself, what do you expose yourself to during your screen time? During the day, what kind of energy are you emanating? Is it kindness, love, patience, goodness, etc? I know I need to focus more on these.

Here’s our first entertainer, ready to lift your spirits and pump (clap) you up!

No matter what mood I am in, Pharrell’s “Happy” makes me happy.

Up next we have Music to Make you Move with Mark B and Mr. Mars! If Bruno can’t move you, ain’t no body can.

The firemen and the extinguishers were a great touch.

And if you could use a pick-me-up through your computer, I highly recommend the Life Is Good radio station via LifeIsGood.com. And yes, these are the same people who bring you the Life Is Good tee shirts.
a sample via You Tube:

It’s been a ball for six months so far, now let’s see what adventures the next six months have in store! I very much hope to participate in more acts of kindness and charity than I was able to fit in for the first six months… the kids are home for the summer and I look forward to forcing them including them in on the fun. Look out, my lovely teenagers! If you have done something new and want to tell everyone, share it with us in the comments, or even suggest something we should try- Keep it clean, folks… this is a family friendly fun spot on the intertubes.