Missing Friends but Still Eating the Tacos!

Be warned: if you make dinner plans with me and our get-together falls through, I’m still going to go out for that dinner. Especially if tacos are involved.

The smartest (and nicest) people work at El Ranchito
The smartest (and nicest) people work at El Ranchito

Tonight I learned a new word in Spanish- “antojitos” are “little cravings,” and the word is generally associated with street food snacks. I like how Wiki jives with the exact same thing that the cashier told me. El Ranchito hires the best people as food guides, I tell you.

Antojitos are on their menu, and it comes as two little enchiladas and four small tacos- two each of potatoes and beans, a lot of shredded cabbage, salsa and cream on top to stuff in your tacos. I honestly think that El Ranchito is hands down the best Mexican food in the county!

Antojitos from El Ranchito
Antojitos from El Ranchito

New Menu Monday- A Twofer! Bratwurst AND Enchiladas are discussed…

My mom-in-law and her golf buddy made sauerkraut recently and we scored two jars of it. Normally, she shares prepped nopales (cactus), Mexican oregano or tamales that someone in the family has made… sauerkraut is quite a different treat. My dad was excited to get a jar, too, and is looking into the steps to make his own- I predict he will abandon the project when he sees how many steps it takes to ensure well made sauerkraut. Ha.

We made enchiladas one time, and Phyllis let me snap this photo and share her recipe on Pinterest. I honestly don’t care for enchiladas any way or anywhere else now, these are unequalled:

Phyllis showing me how to make the best enchiladas. Click photo or link for recipe...
Phyllis teaching Enchiladas 101. Click photo or link for recipe…


Left- our usual Bratwurst and corn on the cob dinner Right- Brats with kraut and potato salad

Grilled Bratwurst Dinner in our home usually will have corn on the cob, a seasonal fruit and some other vegetable… yum! It is simple, but great eats, I tell you. However, I was so glad that I (finally) tried braising the brats in the sauerkraut and beer after grilling them for about ten minutes. The potato salad was fab, too, with its big chunks of Kosher dills and the right amount of a spicy brown mustard put out by Sierra Nevada brewery. You can check out the mustard here:


Every time I make potato salad it turns out differently- does that happen to anyone else?

Once again, I am sure that my son will be accusing me of trying to kill him by making him try sauerkraut. The fact that his gramma made it will give me some pull, at least. I’m surprised he was able to survive last night’s Cajun Night as it is.