THANK YOU Berkeley Breathed -or- Opus Wakes Up

“I will go to my grave in a state of abject endless fascination that we all have the capacity to become emotionally involved with a personality that doesn’t exist.”
Berkeley Breathed
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There are those of us stuck in a generational limbo, smushed between the loopy Baby Boomers and the entitled Gen-Xers, that  got a blast from our past with the return of Bloom County this week, yea!!!

#1   It's back!
1st strip of Bloom County 2015…    It’s back!

Twenty-five years ago Berkeley Breathed didn’t pass the comic on to a relative, like Family Circus or Blondie, neither did he have newspapers rerun his strips as we see with the beloved Peanuts. He just stopped, for his own reasons.

My kids have read all of the Bloom County comic strips; we own all of them. They are equally excited with this weeks reemergence, too. My son would read them on the half hour ride home from school, asking me about the period based humor that he didn’t get… he now knows who Jean Kirkpatrick is, and Mikhail Gorbachev, and he even knows what a Turnip Twaddler is and why late-night infomercials can be hazardous to your bank account.

Today I read through the fresh, first four 2015 comics that Breathed has shared on Facebook and man, oh, MAN. It sure took me back. Thanks, BB, I’ve missed Opus.

swiped from a comment left on Berkeley Breathed's Facebook page
swiped from a comment left on Berkeley Breathed’s Facebook page

Thought I’d Seen It All… or At Least Most? Have a Good Laugh:

You know the drill- You find something funny online and turn to show it to, oh, let’s say your TEENAGER… what do they always say?

“Oh, ha ha, yeah, I saw that a long time ago,”
or worse, “Yeah, whatever, I’ve seen it.”
or the worst, “Pffft. OMGeee, mom, everyone’s seen that.”
Hmm. This sounds familiar. Oh, that’s right, it’s because I say that to my mom, too. Shame on me.

How about you, seen these yet? No rolling your eyes at me… click on the pics to bring up larger copies.

No idea what comic this is, I just thought it was really funny…
Seen these art Snap Chat memes going around lately? They are killing me.
Hey! This was me about 14 years ago, ha! No, really, this is what it feels like sometimes…
Buzzfeed, I <3 you!
Buzzfeed, I
Ever-lovin' Tumblr
Ever-lovin’ Tumblr
I ALMOST WOKE UP THE GIRL TO SEE THIS!!! You're a Loony Tunes Loser if you don't get this one.
I ALMOST WOKE UP THE GIRL TO SEE THIS!!! You’re a Loony Tunes Loser if you don’t get this one.