San Diego Beer Week #4 32 North Brewing Company

IMG_9151Tucked back in the middle of a bunch of industrial warehouses and a really neat RC car speedway (we found that on accident, it was so cool!) is a new brewery- 32 North Brewing Company.

IMG_9149In this warehouse we found a few guys who were an animated explosion of youth and friendliness. They loved their beer and were excited to talk about the brewing here, how certain beers were made, and life and experiences in general. We have to return just to hang with these people. The corn hole game is set up and ready for play, and there is plenty of room to stand around to chat.

IMG_9150I’ve never heard of a “milk stout,” but since it had the word “stout” next to the name, AND the word “nitro,” I was on it. Yum. 32 North makes a less heavy stout but it still has the deep, dark, malty flavors of the brews I know I like better. I wish I had asked about what exactly is a “milk stout?” The Husband’s Best Coast and Nautical Mile IPAs were definitely not for me. Nice citrus punch, but too sharp for my tastes.

“Beeramar” is living up to its nickname.  The Husband is very willing to try all the Miramar breweries and find drinks for me to taste for my new adventures. Lucky me!

The top photo came from the 32 North Brewing Co web site, check it out for all their details- beer, events, and local restaurants carrying their brews.

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