Never- Repeat NEVER Take Movie Advice from Teen-Aged Boys

Say you have teenagers, and you used to teach Junior and Senior High kids, and you enjoy talking with them about their interests… Stay with me on this, it will make sense. If you take movie AND television show tips from them, BEWARE. It just might consume all of your free time.

Back in January I posted about how a friend of The Boy was excited for me to see the new TV show “Agents of SHIELD.” Like a dope, I started watching it. Little did I know how addicting it would be, and that I would be scrambling to watch the other movies and shows that slot into this multi-layered universe.

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I am trying to catch up on the Marvel Universe. Trying furiously. I am trying NICK FURY-ously to catch up before I see the latest: “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Tonight The Husband and I watched “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” It was great!! Tomorrow I will try to cram in “Iron Man 3.”

And I still want to watch “Agents of Shield” season two. And Agent Carter. and Daredevil. And all the Fantastic Four stuff. And whatever else a know-it-all 14-year-old boy tells me to watch because their dad saved all the original comic books so they are our walking encyclopedia about the Marvel universe, so we do what he says and try to cut him off before he can tell me any spoilers. Because I am completely hooked on what adolescent boys tell me I should watch.

At least his family is generous to loan me all the movies, Thanks Beth and Al! Or should I curse you? The jury is still out on this… I am kissing my free time goodbye, that is for sure.

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