New Wine from the Winnings- Paso Creek Zinfandel 2012

Evening meetings at the high school to gather information about activities that interest The Boy had us hurrying home to get steaks on the grill before the potatoes finished baking. It was a good evening to pull a wine from our awesome raffle winnings!

IMG_6630Since I was throwing sirloin steaks on the grill, I searched for a nice red… mmm, reds are my favorite. Paso Creek Zinfandel sounded good, so, I popped it open to drink while the steaks cooked. I chose well, what a nice wine! Dark red, big fruit and bigger tannins make this a zinfandel strong wine that can stand up to our salsa on the steaks.

I think I am beginning to keep my reds straight- pinot noirs are lighter, cabernet can’t be beat for best overall dry red, zinfandels are heartier than cabs, merlots are worthless… am I missing any?


24 bottles of wine on the wall… Sing Along with Me!

When we won the wine raffle after purchasing a single ticket at my son’s school (pretty neat raffle offering for a school, huh?!?), our closest friends also in attendance cheered. They were just as happy knowing we’d be sharing this windfall. Twenty-four bottles of wine in the cupboard, twenty-for bottles of wine… sing along, everyone!

That was the best $25 The Husband and I spent in a long while.

Among the most interesting bottles are Fallbrook Winery 2011 Cabernet, Hilliard Bruce 2009 Moon Pinot Noir, and Gros Ventre 2011 Pinot Noir. Multiple bottles of each, hot dog!

IMG_5701There is a potpourri of other wine varieties and producers in the batch. Represented are the sweet to the dry, the well known to the new to me, at least. I discovered a great website to help me begin to identify everything.¬†¬†allows you to type in your wine’s information, then returns more statistics than you will know what to do with- our two dozen range from $12 to $60.

The first I popped open was from one of our local wineries, the Fallbrook cabernet. I love me some cabernet sauvignon. This is a delicious cab, the tannins are already mellowing.

We hit the jackpot! I like wine, can you tell? I already had a good 15-20 bottles, so, we will now need to contemplate which is the lesser of two evils: wastefulness versus drunkenness- some of these whites need to be drunk up right away, after all.